{Everyone matters and is here for a reason}


This last week we had a new friend over to our house.  When they came in they complimented on a picture I had taken while trekking in Nepal.  The picture is below.  To give some perspective to the image, the trail I am standing on is on the bottom Right hand side of the picture and from that point (~13,000′ elevation) to the top of the Mountains you can see is an elevation gain of 9,000-12,000′.  Words and images fail to capture the scale. It occurred to me.  There has been thousands of people that have stood here and looked down this valley (If you can call it that) but this image captured by journey.  That’s a picture of our interactions with God.  Thousands of us experiencing the creator of the universe in ways that fail description, but each story unique.  Each story unique.  Each person cared about by God.  Meaning - Everyone Matters and is here for a reason
nepal 131