Where are we going?

As many of you know, there are some changes that are coming down the pike for Project Church.  The Vision of Project is the same as it has always been.  Love God, Love People, Live Free. For those of you that were at church last sunday you have a taste of the coming change.  

For those not there let me describe what went down.  We started with a opening worship song followed by a message (In this case it was some Q&A from the congregation).  After that the congregation was dismissed into smaller groups who met in the Elks for small group worship in a more intimate setting.  It is a time for people to be able to pray and sing and have dialogue in a small group.

The change that is coming is this:  
Starting in September, one Sunday a month, we are going to have small group worship in the Elks that will follow the style described above.  More intimate praise and worship time on sunday morning. Time for Dialogue and asking for prayer and sharing how God has been moving in our lives. The other Sundays are going to be the exact same as the have been. We are just changing one Sunday a month. This will last until the end of November and then in December we will worship together for the duration of the month. At this point we will reassess and see if we’ll take the next move.

This can be a scary proposition. Change and movement is uncomfortable. 

I think it is analogous to my climb at Devil’s Tower trip this last Tuesday…  My friend Chris and I had looked into the route.  We made a plan. We knew where we wanted to go. We knew the gear we needed. We knew the tempo we needed to keep.

Then we got to the route…
Inline image 3
After my first pitch I looked down the hole I had to step over,
Inline image 1
The heights that we were reaching.
Inline image 4
and up the crack that I had to climb up
Inline image 2
I realized what would happen if I fell.  I knew the consequences.  Honestly… I thought about bailing and calling it a day.  “I haven’t been up here, what if I’m too out of shape for this, what if I put in a bad placement, what if, what if….”
The only answer is to acknowledge the consequences and then focus on the next move. Put in protection. Then the next move. Put in protection. Then then next.  Did I fall? Yep.  Was it a little fall and was I ok? Yep.  Back to the next move. Then the next move.
I think that’s where we are.  The black hole is below us. The unknown climb is above us. If we focus too much on the hole we will freeze and never move anywhere.  Acknowledge that the possibility to fall is there and protect against it. Then the next move. Get feedback, pray and plan. Then the next move. Get feedback, pray and plan. Then the next move…
Inline image 5
We have the power of the Creator of the universe guiding and empowering us.
Rock and Roll amigos.
Love God, Love People, Live Free,
Peter Franz
Project Church