Who should you invest with?
Who would be responsible?

When will you see the ROI?
How long will the return last?
All good questions and we should be thoughtful with the money and resources that are placed in our accounts.  So what about when our account runs dry? When there is nothing to invest? Or what about when you do have money and realize what an empty god it is?  What do you do when you see what a let down it is and feel yourself relating to Rockefeller when he said that enough money is “one more dollar”?  How about when the god of money fails you in such an epic way that you find yourself contemplating suicide?  If money is your END ALL, whether you have lots or barely any, either way you are cue’d up for a big drop off of a long cliff.

Paul says he has the secret.  Paul says there is an investment worth every dollar you can muster.  The key? Think eternal.

Paul tells the Philippian church that they were the only ones that supported him when he went to Thessalonica.  Why does he tell them that? Who cares?

The church didn’t realize it until they were in heaven looking down, but, they financed at least two and possibly three books of the Bible!! Think about it.  They paid for Paul to travel to Thessalonica and as a result, the letters that he wrote to them became First and Second Thessalonians!  Now they are in heaven for eternity, watching their investments pay dividends.  Think about the joy of hearing that a pastor is doing a series on the book of the Bible that they financed.  Now they get to watch how their investments directly and indirectly are changing the lives of those who come in contact with their investment!*

God is the ultimate re-investor. 

Big Idea:

The secret to unceasing Joy is betting everything on Jesus and waiting to see his reinvestment in eternity. 

Want to invest in something that won’t burn or be forgotten? Invest in the Kingdom of God.  He is faithful to reinvest and generous to let us see it grow. **

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